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Really? I think we'd go with Eric Reid over Elam.
From what I've seen of Reid he's really struggled this year without elite talent around him especially in coverage. He was very good in 2011 but he needed to show he was a lockdown coverage player without Claiborne, Mathieu and Taylor and he didn't do that this year.

IMO Elam and Vaccaro are tied for top safeties in the class. I'd be happy with either of them, but the consensus seems to be Vaccaro is going to go in the top 20.

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If our first pick isn't on an ILB or Interior DL I'm gunna be upset. Reed leaving should definitely be addressed, but I'm not blown away by Elam or Reid and I think they are the only two that will be there and are potential value
I just don't see the positional value for ILB or interior DL at that spot. I did the mock by listing the players in each round I felt had the best chance to be both the BPA and a good fit. There's no BPA DL or ILB at #25 overall.