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What's the plan if an average QB is eating up all of the cap room and makes it impossible for us to improve the team player wise? I am thinking either draft a QB in the second round, and maybe make a play for Alex Smith, who will be a lot cheaper than Flacco.
Alex Smith is trash that Jim Harbaugh made into something vaguely resembling treasure. He's not an upgrade over Flacco at all.

Seriously, there are no FA QBs who are an upgrade over Flacco. Smith? Vick??? Jason Campbell???? No thanks...

Now, here's a thought: if the Seahawks want to cut bait with Matt Flynn and we can pry a new OC off the Packers' coaching staff, like their QB coach Ben McAdoo, or possibly Karl Dorrell out of Houston (as they run a similar WCO), then Matt Flynn might be the best trade bait.