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This is where you have to trust your board. It might not look like a clear cut spot for Austin now. However, we don't fully know how Caldwell will adapt his system to Joe Flacco. Anquan Boldin is 33. We don't know if he or Jones will be back. Doss is a decent prospect, as is Deonte Thompson.

If there is an injury, he can fill in multiple roles: Returner, RB, Slot. You might even be able to slip him outside from time to time.
No doubt he can fill in a lot of spots, and therefore would have a lot of value for that. And no doubt he is explosive.

The issue is things looks good/bad on paper, but we really have no clue what any of these teams, including our own, think about certain players.

On paper Austin looks like a perfect replacement for Welker. But who knows if the Patriots share that opinion.

He would certainly give our offense an unexpected wrinkle.