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See, what I get from your post is that our needs are generally at positions where mdi round picks absolutely can succeed. ILB, DT and even Safety are not generally first round needs. LT and passrusher are. Obviously special players dictate special circumstances, but as a general rule, the first(and even second) round is littered with QB's, LT's, CB's, RB's and passrushers. Those are the best athletes with most specialized skillsets. Guards, interior Dlinemen, linebackers, safetys, TEs and FB's are just less valuable.

That's a good thing. Bu It means I don't think we need to panic if we haven't gotten a NT after the first two days.
You know, that's very true and an aspect i underrated. There is a good amount of ILB's im comfortable with rounds 2-4. Same can be said for the free safety position. NT is interesting because i think it's pretty scarce as far as legit 3-4 nose tackles that could contribute early but it's not like you have to take one in the first to ensure you get one. I like Brandon Williams a lot and he could be had in the 2nd or 3rd, probably 2nd the way he's rising. LT i think you go with a developmental guy like Quessenberry and im keeping an close eye on Luke Marquadt from Asuza Pacific http://www.nfl.com/draft/2013/profil...rdt?id=2539644

So after careful thought and your post, forget my whole last post lol