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In general, yes I agree. basically my point is that THIS IS THE YEAR to be aggressive. Don't sit around and "hope" the guy we like falls to us, when the value is right, go up and GET HIM. If we get 5 solid players out of this draft it will be perfect. If we get 11 marginal players it will be a disaster.
Well, that's the key - if the value is right. The Ravens do need to get some impact players, so trading a bunch of early round picks for one move up would probably be a mistake.

Besides, is it really true that LT is such an overwhelming need, even if McKinnie isn't resigned? Yes, the offensive line played lights out after moving McKinnie to LT, but that wasn't the only move. The much bigger move lost in all this (in my opinion) was Osemele to LG. He made just about every defensive lineman he faced his bitch. Total domination. So maybe it was the huge improvement to LG (over Jah Reid) that was the key.

Take a look at what Flacco was able to do as a result. Early in the season he never was able to step up into the pocket because the pocket was collapsing in the middle. After Osemele is moved inside, that pocket was really open to step into, and Flacco made big plays in doing so. McKinnie was able to push the edge rushers deep, but maybe another LT could do that, even if to a lesser degree. So all this talk about McKinnie being the key might just be wrong - maybe it was Osemele that made that line work.