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You are probably right. Ozzie is probably planning to go back to Oher at LT. And our offense will take a step backwards for doing so.

Until we make a move like this, we will have average to poor play at LT, and to me that is far from ideal.

We also have AT LEAST 3 more picks then roster spots available. No need to keep 11 picks, and IMO no need to keep Dickson.
Bringing McKinnie back is still an option. It's hard to know how much he is worth on the open market given his history. It's possible that the Ravens could sign him to a 2 year deal that makes sense.

I don't see the Ravens keeping Dickson once he becomes a UFA but they always tender their RFAs so I think he's coming back. I'm not a big fan either and wouldn't mind if they let him go and replaced him with a draft pick but I don't see it happening.