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GOTA brings up a good point about Lane Johnson, he is NOT worth trading 15 spots for, can people please quit it with that? It aint happening, Ozzie is going to try and re-sign McKinnie, and we'll get a developmental player to take over eventually, ala Chris Faulk or Quessenberry in the 3rd round or something.

When I look at Lane Johnson, I see a hard working version but slightly smaller version of Mike Adams who nobody wanted to trade up for last year, he dropped late into the second round because of character concerns. The value is just not there.

I don't think that's a good comparison at all. Adam was fat, lazy AND had character concerns. Johnson has none of that. He reminds me of a bit lower ceiling Jake Long. Decent technician that is a toughSOB, albeit a bit small. Abetter version of Sam Baker that is bigger and tougher would be another way to put it, or a MUCH qucker footed Bryan Bulaga.

I like Quessenberry and Faulk, and am fine with them as a fall back(with Big Mac re-signing) but I really think we must mak the attempt to move up, as we have too many picks and need a handful of quality players, not a dozen marginal players.