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I'm all for BPA, but BPA in Ozzies mind doesn't always mean the absolute BPA, despite what people like to think. Needs do play a big role in the draft too.
if there isnt a LB on the same tier as those guys, hell take the higher tier position thats not a need. It may not always be BPA in the fans eyes but its always BPA with need being the deciding factor between similar talents. He will not reach for a need, he may trade down for one but even then i believe hes only done such when theres multiple players still available in the tier theyd be drafting in anyway. meaning they have a OL WR and LB rated the same, youll likely get that LB, but if they have it OL WR and a LB on a lower tier, its really only a choice between the first two or trading back in ozzies mind. "stick to the board".