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Sorry but unless we cut both Jacoby and Boldin, I wouldn't like a wide out in the first round at all. If they want to go WR, why not just take a Markus Wheaton in the 2nd round?

If they feel that DeAndre Hopkins or someone of that ilk is worth a 1st round pick, then who are we to second guess that?

Here is the thing that needs to be asked when considering a 1st round WR...would they be an upgrade over Doss/Jones/Thompson/Streeter/LaQuan/Reed?

If so, then it might not be a bad idea because the Ravens really only have 1 (legitimate) starting caliber guy who can line up on the outside and that's Torrey. Jacoby isn't bad as long as he's running deep patterns.

I would rather us go a different direction in round 1, but we could do a lot worse than DeAndre Hopkins (if that were to happen). He would be able to do pretty much everything Boldin already does, but he has better speed and quickness.