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No interest whatsoever in using a first, or probably even a second, on a two-down run stopper. For all the money and draft picks this team already has committed to guys who are primarily elite run-defenders (Haloti Ngata, Terrell Suggs, Ray Lewis, Terrence Cody, Courtney Upshaw) they were pretty bad against the run this past year YET WENT TO THE SUPER BOWL primarily on the back of their pass defense stiffening up majorly over the last few games.

The NFL is all about speed, penetration, and disruption, and moreso on the defensive line than anywhere else. I'm not saying Jesse Williams isn't a good player, he is, but he doesn't collapse the pocket or penetrate and he's not fast. It doesn't mean he's not going to make it in the NFL but he's a run stopper only so he's not worth an early pick no matter what.

If the Ravens want to get a big-bodied nose tackle in the earlier rounds (which I don't really want them to do because I think they should totally abandon the 3-4 two-gap scheme) the guy I would want is Brandon Williams. He's a very good nose guard prospect, but he can play anywhere on the interior line as a 3-4 NT or DE or 4-3 DT. He actually brings some real pass rush/pocket collapsing threat as well unlike Jesse Williams.
I agree...id like us to get away from the one dimensional run stopping defensive linemen.

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