Guys, I'm starting to think that there is a real possibility that we may only be re-signing Dennis Pitta, and Arthur Jones as an RFA this year, even Dickson is at danger. If Flacco gets franchised it is literally going to criple us, either Boldin or Jacoby will be cut, Leach will be cut, Williams and Birk are givens, this is including NOT bringing back most of our RFAs, David Reed and Harewood in all likelihood wont be back. We will almost surely have to extend some contracts to to get their cap hits lowered for 2013, and thats JUST to get under in order to franchise Joe. If we can somehow agree to terms with Joe before the deadline, it would be HUGE, simply because we will at least be able to re-sign some of our players, as-well as having at least some room to shop around a little. We may even restructure some contracts.

The alternative is to complete clean house, and cut Boldin saving 6 million, if we did that, we'd have enough room to make some moves, the problem is, you are losing a lot of continuity and talent doing that, and you will have to make damn sure that you draft well enough to replace those players which will be hard. So IMO the key is to avoid franchising Joe at all costs to not lose too much in the offseason.