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Wrong Shanahan is a college type offensive mind. He always excells with running QB's who run the boot. IE Elway, Plummer, Cutler thats why he gave away akot to get RG3, and he employs the zone scheme.
Running boots in a WCO and running what the Redskins ran this year is two totally different things. They obviously simplified and tailored a scheme for RG3 to be most successful year one, especially seeing that he didnt even have a playbook at Baylor. As he gains more experience they'll get closer and closer to Shanahan's traditional offense.

As far as in Philly i agree with Raveninwoodlawn, Kelly will adjust his scheme. In fact the fact that he hired Shurmur as OC shows that. He'll blend his scheme with some West Coast and Pro principles but he'll still call the plays, stress tempo, speed, etc. His QB only ran the ball about 7 times per game i believe so it's not like he has to have a runner back there, im sure he might bring in a mobile backup to add a little package but with D-Jax, Mccoy, Maclin, Damaris Johnson, etc. he has plenty of speed.