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Well, he isn't a speedy guy...but neither are Marcedes Lewis and Anthony Fasano, yet they're not too bad.

Again, I'm not looking at a guy like Williams as someone who is going to come in and stretch the middle of the field like Pitta or Vernon Davis. I'm looking at a guy who can come in here and be somewhat of a poor-man's Pettigrew. Good blocker. Solid receiver. Red zone threat.
You and I have just about the same requirements. I just added speed.

In this Draft there are guys that block due to scheme, catch and high-point well, and have tremendous height...AND it just so happens that they project as guys with 4.7 - 4.8 speed. Those are the guys, I called out. They are potentially every-situation TEs. That's definitely something to get excited about. Who the heck can defend a "Flacco-to-Boldin jump ball vs. IND" type of pass to a 6'5/6'6 TE that's not much slower than Boldin himself? And if that same guy can also pancake the OLB on a stretch run inside the RZ...that's even better. I just don't think we will pass up a guy like that.