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You know, SD State has some nice prospects. A lot of non-BCS schools do. I like Escobar. He'd be a nice pick up in the mid rounds. Not sure the Ravens go for another receiving TE as a mid round pick though...if they go for a mid round TE I'd hope they go for Williams out of Alabama or something like that. Having a TE who can block AND run routes would be nice. Split Pitta out wide and line up Michael Williams at TE. That'd be a nice combo.

Another AD State guy to keep an eye on in the mid/late rounds is Brice Butler (6'3" 209lbs). He transferred from USC a couple of years ago. He's got nice wheels for his size and has a nice jump ball. Not real keen on his route running ability though. Could be a decent project guy who is a bit more polished than Tommy Streeter.
Not a big fan of Butler although the triangle numbers are good enough to make him a worthwhile project, as you said. I think the theme of this upcoming draft needs to be two-fold: 1) finding a few blue-chip defenders to replace Ray and Ed, and 2) continuing to grow the offense. To me, that means targeting elite-upside defenders with your first 2 picks and then focusing basically on offensive sleepers the rest of the way.

Escobar isn't just a receiving-first TE, he has some blocking ability too and could improve in that area. Pitta I don't really ever see improving as a blocker and he's better used as a moving chess piece type anyway. With his athleticism, catch radius, and hands, the key is getting the right matchup with him and then getting him the ball. Use him like the Pats use Hernandez... split him out wide 'cause he's too big for a CB to cover, run him up the seam 'cause he's too fast for a LB to cover, etc.

In that scenario they would leave Escobar playing the in-line role. He can stretch the field up the seams, block, etc... basically the Gronkowski role. I know people will say "oh but we already have two TEs," would the Ravens mind having Jimmy Graham? Hell no, the NFL is about WEAPONS and it doesn't matter what position they play. You find a way to get them on the field. Plus, Dickson and Pitta are both FAs next year and I doubt they'll keep Dickson who isn't really particularly good at anything.

If they move to a 2TE base set, which is actually Norv Turner's preferred base offense, they need another every-down TE who can block and catch... I would love to have a guy like Escobar in that role. Hell, you were suggesting Tyler Eifert earlier, and I think Escobar is 90% as good a prospect, but in the 3rd instead of the 1st.

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I am convinced that the team wants Oher as the longterm RT. Osemele at LG.

If you think that Jones is a can't miss prospect for the Center position, take him, so that Joe actually has a pocket to step up into, because he hasn't for the past two years.

Otherwise, find your LT, FOR THE LOVE!.... OF GOD!
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Depends on Gradkowski and who is there when the Ravens pick.

If Barrett Jones is the top prospect, then maybe they can go with an OL of Oher, KO, Gradkowski, Yanda, B. Jones next year and see who shakes out at LT in the 2014 draft/free agency.

Finding, not just a LT...but a GOOD OT...is easier said than done. There are some nice prospects this year who could probably replicate Oher's performance with more upside (Oday Aboushi, Brian Winters, Ricky Wagner, etc). None of that means jack though.
I fear that the Ravens have fallen so head over heels in love with Oher that they simply won't take him off the field for any reason. I had hoped they would consider moving him to guard but I don't think that will happen now... it's OT or bust with him, and I believe firmly that he cannot play OT at even a tolerable level. How much more evidence do we need that 2009 was the fluke, not 2010-2012? The guy just can't play.