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    Re: Two straight losses by defense

    The Ravens d is just totally messed up now due to injuries which is a rare thing so asking the Offense to put up 30+ a game while on the road is a bit tough. i remember a few seasons ago, the D would collapse in the 4th quarter (the season they lost a 4th q lead to the Pats in regular season but beat them on the road) and they were far more healthier then. If you told me back in September that the Ravens would be going up against RG3 WITHOUT Ray or Suggs, I would've penned it in as an L so I'm not too shocked. lets just hope they heal up a bit going into the Playoffs and start playing better since other teams still have to play and could easily lose their playmakers as well. This is the NFL, the last 2 super bowl winners should tell you every week counts.

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    Re: Two strakght losses by defense

    Quote Originally Posted by bmorecareful View Post
    A coach's job is more than just showing up and calling the plays on game day. When your LBs fail to get depth in their zones for 13 straight games, you have to question why they are not being coached to do so. Clearly these guys have the physical ability to do so if London Fletcher can!

    I do fault the assistant coaches as much or more than Pees for this team's failure to address any of its defensive issues throughout the season.
    London Fletcher has what...14 years of experience?

    Many players just don't have the mental capacity to read routes and play in's not all physical.

    IMHO, our LB's don't have either the mental capacity to be diciplined when a lot is going on around them and/or they have to play going backwards...and that just puts a spotlight on their lack of physical skills.
    Although Walsh's system of offense can compensate for lack of talent; however, defense is a different story. According to Walsh, talent on defense was essential and could not be compensated for. What did Walsh do in 1981? He acquired physical and talented players on defense.

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    Re: Two strakght losses by defense

    Quote Originally Posted by Terpsfan82 View Post
    Offenses can be schemed to be successful. On defense you need talent. And I am paraphrasing the great Bill Walsh.
    Offenses can also be schemed to not be successful.


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    Re: Two strakght losses by defense

    Quote Originally Posted by purplepoe View Post
    At some point people are going to realize just how poor the talent is on the defensive side of the ball.

    Until then, people will continue to blame coaching.

    In fact, that goes for the entire team.

    wonder how the stoolers beat us last week with a below avg o line and a 37 year old qb....coaching?

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    Re: Two strakght losses by defense

    The players on D just aren't that good, so I really cant blame Pees for them sucking. You don't like him playing zone? Well that last touchdown they were playing man to man, and Chris Johnson can't even follow his man and gets embarrassed
    The offense should be carrying the heavy end of the load, the players are healthy and skilled enough. Taking into account this team's history it's not like they don't owe the defense 1...or 50

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    Re: Two strakght losses by defense

    Honestly you can't really say much. We're trotting out a UDFA in Bynes who isn't very good at all, and age'd special teams ace but reason he doesn't do much else in BA and asnother UDFA who looks exactly that part in McClain. No wonder the middle of the field is open!

    Than you have Upshaw, who is a rook and looks to be an decent replacement for JJ IN THE FUTURE like next year but he's still getting adjusted to the NFL. McClellan whom I think is a better ILB backup than OLB for sure oh and he's also a UDFA, and than you have Paul mr one dimension same move rushing the QB Kruger.

    Now for the front, a banged up Ngata, who still got a sack, a guy who was eating dorito's on the couch last year in Kemo and a pair of UDFA splitting time at the RE spot. O wait I'm sorry McPhee and Jones were both 5th rounder's and are situational players at best. And our latest 2nd rounder on the front line has been quietly a non factor i.e bust and has shown why he had the knocks he did coming out of college.

    Sorry really, I'd rather have the guy that goes balls to the wall on the field and has some of the field issues over whom we've been drafting on D.

    We better find a replacement for Redding in this coming years draft and it better be a high draft pick i.e first or second round.

    Really the first 3 rounds need to go to defensive starters. You need a 3-4 End, a MLB, a CB, and a FS.


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