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Thread: Lose out

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    Re: Lose out

    some of you guys must have terrible lives. Glad I'm not in that camp.

    Just win baby
    World Domination 3 Points at a Time!

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    Re: Lose out

    Quote Originally Posted by JAB1985 View Post
    I think anybody that says Eli Manning is elite yet criticizes Joe loses a little credibility. Theyre eerily similar with Eli having many more turnovers, which people typically criticize joe for his decision making. Thats also in a better offensive system, with much better talent. I cant see anything making him Elite.
    Their argument is "Eli has two rings! His stats don't matter!" But the same argument would be ridiculed if applied to Joe Flacco. You see, for a lot of the Flacco haters, they are so blinded by bias that they actually can't even watch the game objectively. Every single thing they watch is contorted and twisted to illustrate how terrible Flacco is.

    That's why somehow in a game where Flacco posted a 120+ QB rating and accounted for 21 points, he's still somehow primarily responsible for the loss. The defense gets a pass because of injuries. The OL gets a pass because "nobody expects the LT to do his job every snap, and the QB has to be aware of that and account for it" (Seriously, I really love this one.)

    The coaches get a pass because it's not their fault that players don't execute. But the QB doesn't get a pass because he never has and never will in this town, a town that would probably spit on Tom Brady (who gave up an awful sack-fumble and 3 picks in the 09 playoffs if you remember) or Peyton Manning (who has thrown picks in 4 straight games this year alone)

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    Re: Lose out

    The strip/fumble was just a good play by Jackson, same guy who got a pick 6 off his hsoe laces against the Bengals, I think. Oher could have blacked him better but he had his hand on Flacco's hand in like 2 seconds. I can't put that one on Joe.

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    Re: Lose out

    I thought I would chime in, since there are 50 the world is ending threads going on and I am among the biggest detractors of John Harbaugh I'd like to set something straight.

    In the end, it is all a game. Period, life goes on, win or lose. I'd never want to see the team lose out. In fact, I wish more than anything John Harbaugh would alter his method of coaching and win us a Super Bowl and then I would endure years of admonishment from the Raven Fanbase establishment.

    Is that likely to happen? No, winning a Super Bowl is damn hard, I mean we were within a catch last year of going. Odds are the team so banged up with injuries are going to have a hard time of it.

    But, there was a Packer team that had 13 starters on IR, and they got hot, red hot at the right time. Anything is possible in the game of football, it is what makes it the perfect sport.

    Now, there was some crying over my sig pic and comments on another thread about telling John "fuck you" after his presser. Big deal, I tell my best friend that all the time when he is trying to sell me a line of bullshit. No matter how I feel about the man as a coach, I wish him no ill outside of coach better or go coach somewhere else. Okay, the latter more.

    But wanting the team to 'fail' for the rest of the year, for a draft pic, or to cost John his job is insane. Who doesn't want Ed Reed to walk off into the sunset with a ring? Losing out would make that almost impossible.

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    Re: Lose out

    What a shameful thread! More importantly, as pointed out, we most likely still win the division at 9-7 because of tie-breaking advantages. It's about 70% we win the division, 30% we win the sixth seed. So just hope they win the last three, and go into the playoffs, with a head of steam.

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    Re: Lose out

    Speaking of losers, did anyone catch Marty Ass this morning?

    Here the hated Skins beat us and he's happy for them and their
    long suffering fans. They finally have a football team if only their
    owner will stay out of things.

    We hate Pissburgh and DC more than anyone. DC kept us out of the
    league for 12 years. We could have had the Patriots when Kraft
    wanted to move them here but Cook blocked them out.

    Bmore was Skins territory. Even when Tags announced the expansion teams he said the Skins were moving to Laurel so that takes care of Baltimore. Sure, with all the season tickets sold out to Skins fans
    and they had a waiting list.

    We didn't like them even before that but Marty Ass loves them
    and is happy for them the day after they beat us and knocked us
    down in the seed position for the POs.

    That Ass just doesn't get it. He also had Gibbs on his morning show
    when he came back because the Ass had a Nascar website and Gibbs owned a car.

    He also had TP and other Squeelers on talking about their good works instead of Mason or Birk talking about their foundations.

    Once he was MC at the Lyric and they booed him so loud he couldn't speak. The same thing happened to his pal John Buren when he was MC at the new stadium's very first game and they had to take him
    off the field w/o saying a word. He's now out of TV.

    Marty Ass should be too.

    He just doesn't get it.

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    Re: Lose out

    Honestly, I think that the best way to handle the Redskins fans is just to be polite to them and try to coexist. They can't say anything if our team is taking care of business, and the fans are acting like they've been there before. It seems like they're the one that takes this "rivalry" seriously, but so many of our fans give in and fan the flames. Just be the better man and walk away.


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