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Losing out still puts Baltimore at 9-7. Going back to 2008, the lowest that a 9-7 non-playoff team has picked is #17, and it's typically been more like #19 or #20.

On the other side, if the Ravens make the playoffs, and are one and done (as the gloom and doom here predicts), you're picking in the low 20s.

So you'd trade watching your team collapse down the stretch in order to pick up 2-3 spots in draft position. That doesn't make any sense.
If we had a early 20s pick last, we could've got first rounders...Reilly Reiff, Kendall Wright, Arthur Jones, Dontey Hightower, Whitney Mercilus. That would've at least helped out pass rush and LB depth. Now we're likely gonna be starting practice squaders and street free agents at Inside Linebacker next week if Ray/Ellerbe can't go.