This is really hard to explain to an outsider - that Ravens fans could be calling for the head of a head coach who has produced five consecutive winning season. However, I am now convinced that a complete overall - top to bottom - is in order. I can see Harbaugh squeaking by and staying - but at this point I'd rather he go and take my chances with somebody else - a fresh approach -a new philosophy and a new set of coaches.

I think the reality is that Harbaugh would make a better college coach than an NFL coach. That 53 might men bullshit would be perfect for the college environment.

The important thing is that Flacco's career not be totally wasted. He's 5 years into a 15yr (or so) career and he has a great future ahead of him if we can get him with a coaching staff who knows how to use him.

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The entire coaching staff needs to go. Harbs is safe...but I wouldn't mind seeing his head on a stick too.