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Thread: Blow It Up!!!!

  1. Blow It Up!!!!

    This entire coaching staff is a joke!!

    Way too many options out there with a killer instinct that play to "Win The Game", rather then to not lose the game.

    Cameron Sucks

    Pees sucks

    And Harbaugh is too much of a clueless pussy to step in and override the clueless shit both these two other titsticks can't figure out.

    I wouldn't even let Pees back in the fucking door after that display to end the game.

    If that was Dick Lebeau coaching this defense you can rest assured 10 guys would have been coming after the QB at the end.

    Cameron...this asshole has been discussed in too much length in other threads to even bother on this one.


    I got your 53 mighty men shit......

    RIGHT HERE!!!!!!

    Will Die A Ravens Fan!!

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    Re: Blow It Up!!!!

    Yeah I'm actually in the fire Harbaugh crowd now also. Pathetic.

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    Re: Blow It Up!!!!

    Harbaugh is a fraud. That's what happens when you hired a special team coach to be you HC. Maybe now he can leaked another story to Mike Silver on how he bring the team together.

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    Re: Blow It Up!!!!

    Pathetic display by the coaches and players. I truly believe we will not come close to winning another game this season.

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    Re: Blow It Up!!!!

    I think they need to gut the coaching staff, stopping at Harbaugh, for now. I'm not ready to get rid of a guy who has won as many games as he has at this point. The coordinators though, they are atrocious, it speaks volumes that as bad as Cameron is as a coordinator, Pees might be even worse. Several position coaches need to go too, starting with Moeller. I'm not in "blow it all up" mode yet but I may be in a couple weeks when they go on the losing streak I predicted last week if they lost this game.

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    Re: Blow It Up!!!!

    Fuck this joke of a team!
    "I got this." - Justin Tucker

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    Re: Blow It Up!!!!

    fuck harbaugh
    fuck cam
    fuck piss pees they all gotta fuckin go thats the bottom line now!!!

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    Re: Blow It Up!!!!

    Harbaugh isn't going anywhere. No point even considering that move
    He Who Dares.....Wins

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    Re: Blow It Up!!!!

    No way they will blow up the team. They're 9-4 and still in control of the division. Everything will be based on what happens in January. Even if they fail Harbaugh won't be fired.

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    Re: Blow It Up!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by GOTA View Post
    Harbaugh isn't going anywhere. No point even considering that move
    None of the coaches are. They'll all be here next year.

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    Re: Blow It Up!!!!

    Come on folks.... some changes need to be doubt.
    That said talking about firing a head coach who has been to the playoffs 4 straight years and could make it 5 still is just plain silly.
    Its the first time in 3yrs we have lost TWO straight.
    No doubt the coordinator positions need to be examined but this is a injury plagued team that if anything has no business having won 9 games to this point and you all wanna fire the coach????????
    I know the loss is disappointing but get a grip on reality folks.
    A linebacker's job is to knock out running backs, to knock out receivers, to chase the football,
    -Ray Lewis

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    Re: Blow It Up!!!!

    this crap started before the first whistle when the idiot deferred again. dont you want to keep the other guy off the field so he doesnt go right down the field and get momentum? this guy has been hot! its not oakland or cleveland!!! if he does it next week against peyton manning, everybody please let him hear it and boo him off the sideline! what a fraud this guy is!


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