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    Ed Reed v. Redskins

    Back in 2004 at FedEx Field Ed Reed sacked Mark Brunell, stripped the ball, recovered it and returned it for a TD. He did this (video below) in 2008. Can he do it again tomorrow?

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    Re: Ed Reed v. Redskins

    Nice block by number 22

    Who was that player?

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    Re: Ed Reed v. Redskins

    That year, I thought Samari Rolle wore that number.

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    Re: Ed Reed v. Redskins

    Yep, it was Rolle. He got a bad rap here but was a pretty good player.

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    Re: Ed Reed v. Redskins

    He also had a pick at the end of the game where he hilariously slid down and held the ball in the air. Some Redskins player took the ball but Ed was luckily ruled down. 2008 was definitely his best year - unfortunately the hair won DPOY.

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    Re: Ed Reed v. Redskins

    He should have a good game and will be playing deep middle as that is where RG3 likes to throw and will probably bait him into an INT or 2. Pollard will be in the box playing spy to make sure he does not get any big runs (over 15 yards) as yes RG3 is quicker and faster than pollard but him being there will force RG3 to change directions and give time for other players to come in and make the tackle.

    THe key is not biting on the fakes. (remember Dennis Dixon's TD run vs us in 2009 and Leftwhcih this year).


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