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    Re: got to win 3 of 4 to get #2 seed

    Quote Originally Posted by Benny8444 View Post
    Who cares if we dont have a 1st rd bye, we will prob play CIN or PIT, possibly Indy. We should win all 3. I have no issue going to Foxboro as we have proven we can win there twice in the playoffs (should have last year). I just dont want to go to Houston unless it is for the AFCC Game which anything can happen
    Would much rather go to Foxboro than Houston.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lowrider View Post
    With the schedule that lies ahead and considering the injuries I just hope we make the playoffs. It's one game at a time from here on out.
    This here. That's my perception of our reality. Our playoff streak is nice and all, but right now the only people/unit that I trust on this team are Tucker and Jacoby. One game at a time please.
    Back to the AFCCG we go. So get ready!

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    Re: got to win 3 of 4 to get #2 seed

    Denver had trouble getting into the end zone on the Raiders, so I'm not counting that game as a loss yet.

    But the offense is going to have to show against that defense.

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    Re: got to win 3 of 4 to get #2 seed

    Which teams with a winning record has the Broncos beat? Haven't they only beaten the shit teams?

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    Re: got to win 3 of 4 to get #2 seed

    Only thing that comes to mind is Dana Carvey mimicking Bush "not gonna happen......"

    prepared to <spit> and <swear> at any minute.. blame it on PMS!


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    Re: got to win 3 of 4 to get #2 seed

    It AIN'T gonna happen!

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    Re: got to win 3 of 4 to get #2 seed

    Quote Originally Posted by Section 502 Raven View Post
    we have to beat the broncos but can lose one more game to keep the #2 spot. the broncos play the chiefs and browns to end their year. the patriots should lose one of two to the texans or 49ers.

    if the ravens win 3 of 4 and beat the broncos, the ravens, patriots and broncos would end wiht the same record but the ravens would win by tiebreaker.

    this is a tall order for the ravens but it will be difficult to go deep into the playoffs without a #2 seed.
    Yeah such a tall order because the team is not 9-3 right now and already on pace to do that.

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    Re: got to win 3 of 4 to get #2 seed

    We're still a long shot. The injuries are just piling up. Just look at history. Half our defensive starters, and ALL of our AllStars are banged up or not playing. Really on another forum alot of other teams fans give the Ravens a huge ton of credit for even making it as far as we have, given the names out. Gotta think these guys don't know our roster they just know Baltimore is Defense, and they see #1 CB Webb out for year, DPOY Suggs out for the first half and now who knows going forward, Ray Lewis out, Ed Reed hurt, Ngata hurt.

    Any football fan can rattle off half a dozen names on both offense and defense for any given team, and the ones people would rattle off for us are OUT or HURT. Not packing it in, but we have a uphill climb for sure. I'm guessing the 3 or 4 seed and hoping we get the Colts in the WC just so we can make it to the divisional. With our injuries and inept coaching this feat alone would be impressive.

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    Re: got to win 3 of 4 to get #2 seed

    Beat Washington
    World Domination 3 Points at a Time!

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    Re: got to win 3 of 4 to get #2 seed

    Very tough schedule for the last four games. With the injuries and the way they've been playing lately, I think it's way too optimistic to think they could win 3 of 4. If they win 2 of 4 it would be amazing. I could easily see them losing 3 of the 4 considering their current state.


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