A better question this year is the impact that the Cameron/Flacco deep passing game has made on the defense. It seems like we either score quickly or take under two minutes off the clock with a 3-and-out. There really have been very few sustained drives of 5 minutes+.

He's a bad O.C. I don't see how you can debate that. Our offense is predictable and stale. Yet, until we see how our group performs under a different coordinator, it's hard to evaluate his level of badness. Maybe the next guy comes in with the same group and does even worse and suddenly we are referring to Cam as mediocre. Maybe the next guy comes in and gives Rice/Pierce the ball 28 times/game over the season and runs the ball on 3rd and 2 more than twice a year and we move into the top 10 in points AND yards and Cam looks all the more unqualified.

We really don't know how bad he truly is, but we do know he is predictable and damagingly stubborn.