I originally posted this in the Fire Cam thread, but it's almost Sunday and the pissed off fire Cam haters (including myself) have settled down and ignore that thread... but you guys deserve to see this.

Let's take a quick look at Cam through the years. I'm not usually a big stats guy because it doesn't tell the whole story.
I gathered some notes of Cam in the last 10-11 years... For Passing TD's average was 22-25 and never over 28...

2002 SD: O Rank 16th (yds) 20th (PT's); Passing 3188; Rushing 2137, 19 (TD's)
2003 SD: O Rank 14th (yds) 16th (PT's); Passing 3021; Rushing 2146, 16 (TD's)
2004 SD: O Rank 10th (yds) 3rd (PT's); Passing 3357; Rushing 2185, 24 (TD's)
2005 SD: O Rank 10th (yds) 5th (PT's); Passing 3495; Rushing 2072, 22 (TD's)
2006 SD: O Rank 4th (yds) 1st (PT's); Passing 3262; Rushing 2578, 32 (TD's)

2007 Miami HC who really cares 1-15 ( Beat us though)

2008 BR: O Rank 18th (yds) 11th (PT's); Passing 2808; Rushing 2376, 16 (TD's)
2009 BR: O Rank 9th (yds) 13th (PT's); Passing 3419; Rushing 2200 22 (TD's)
2010 BR: O Rank 16th (yds) 22nd (PT's); Passing 3335; Rushing 1831 11 (TD's)
2011 BR: O Rank 12th (yds) 15th (PT's); Passing 3423; Rushing 1996 15 (TD's)

So looking at the above stats, Cam is consistently mediocre with a few good years that were because of the run and good defense under Wade Phillips, Rex Ryan, etc.. When averaging over 2000 (yds) and 22 TD's rushing in a season his Offenses seem to be decent, but who wouldn't benefit from LT in his prime, it is easy to run the ball with a Hall of Fame RB humping the rock with a sledge hammer leading the way (Lorenzo Neal).
His offenses never seem to pass for over 3500 (yds) or 25 (TD's), which is plenty if you are rushing for over 2000 and 25 TD's. Either way you can go up and down the field all day, but if you can't get into the endzone or maintain some momentum than it effects the entire game, constant 3 and outs will not get you a W.