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"The long throws were generally on target and not dangerously misthrown. Smith had a drop and another on which he might not have been stripped."

Well, Filmstudy has a more accurate view than I do, for sure. I would've sworn that at least 2 and maybe it was 3 deep throws to Smith were badly underthrown, causing Torrey to pull up and wait.
I thought I saw the same thing. Sure, they were thrown to Torrey, but he had a defender draped on him. The one long pass (that was broken up up by defender) would have been a sure touchdown if Flacco throw it farther to the right side of the field where Torrey could run away from the defender and catch it. In the NFL, if you wait until a receiver is open, you may be waiting too long. The really good quarterbacks anticipate when the receiver will be open and the ball is in the air before that. Aikman was good at that, especially the out routes. The ball was in the air before Irvin made his break.