i was at game sunday,and besides the fact that the team and fans(seems a malaise of gradual fan support this year,maybe because of orioles?no excuse for team at all,but mayb fan excitement) thought this was an automatic win,when they announced the starting defense,I KNEW WE WERE IN TROUBLE....i dont care if lombardi is the coach.....a coach needs horses to run the race....our defense has too many one dimensional players to be effective...and thats where batch and his experience took advantage...when ayanbadejo,mcphee,jones,kruger...ravens looking pass,these guys AWFUL against run..audible out of pass to run
obviously audible out of run to pass
and w half of suggs,reed,ngata, and 0 lewis,webb,ellerbee
and i know there is tons of situational substitutions all game BUT,these guys are awful outside of their "specialty"
my observation...batch mayb a 100 years old,but thats experience that can easily recognize opportunities against glaring weaknesses,sorry