Before I start, Cap'n, your new avatar is a relief to my senses--which is more a commentary on the hideousness of Bane than the aesthetic qualities of Dr House.
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Hey man, I am all over the threads, I can only cover so much Harbaugh love.

There is a large portion, not all, but a large portion of fans mirror our head coach. Even at this point, so does the owner Steve Bisciotti.
Yeah, that last kinda concerns me too. Harbaugh seems to have sold him on the idea (or--scary thought--was it the other way around??) that the path to consistent success in the NFL is to play risk-avoiding football, capitalize on the opponents' mistakes, & crabcrawl your way into the postseason--& once there, who knows, you might just get hot &/or lucky & snatch a Lombardi. And maybe in the long view that's the high percentage play. But dammit, football is entertainment, & there's not much entertaining about a team that grimly grinds out wins against teams that shower them with gifts in the form of unforced mistakes & shows no spark of determination or creativity until it's close to (or is) too late. Seriously, have Ravens fans actually enjoyed them looking barely adequate in 7 of their 9 victories, & snatching defeat from the jaws of victory in 2 of their 3 losses?

Good head coaches win a lot of games. Great head coaches win Super Bowls, they don't lose home games to 3rd string quarterbacks by kneeling on the ball at the half.
The kind of thing that prompts me to wonder--for a team that supposedly has so much faith in themselves & each other, how much faith does Harbaugh have in them? Not enough to trust Flacco to throw over the middle, it seems. Not enough to let Rice (who has fumbled once all year) even take a handoff at the end of the first half last week. (As I pointed out elsewhere, R2 in his career has put the ball on the ground in less than 1% of his carries.)

FTR, I am not convinced that this team has superior talent--or rather, I think the evidence shows that the talent level is pretty ordinary in a number of key areas. It's not just with Flacco that they don't know what they have--e.g., they won't really know how bad the OL needs upgrading until & unless they shitcan Moeller & replace him with someone competent.