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The Ravens coaching staff is damned if they do and damned if they don't. When they get aggressive and we lose people bitch too. Perfect example, the The hair's strip sack of Flacco in 2009. The Ravens were going for the first down in that situation, a first down that all but ices the game. They were playing to win the game. But Polamalu made a great play and every one bitched and moaned all week about how the Ravens should have been playing not lose and run the ball in that situation. Like I said, damned if you do and if you don't. Hell even when the Ravens win people bitch. People are going to bitch no matter what the team does. That's what happens in a spoiled fan base.
IIRC the reason The Hair makes that play is that the left side of the OL screwed up its assignments. The next year at Heinz Field, Flacco had time to hit Housh in the EZ for the winning score because Heap saw Polamullet blitzing & came across the formation to punk him. If you're going to take a chance you should at least execute it properly--otherwise you're just being foolish. (Cf. Oakland going for it on 4th down near midfield in the 1st quarter of their game here--gutsy & probably very heady call, but you can't have your QB tripped by his own lineman as he takes the snap.)

IMHO you are way off based with your complaints about a "spolied fan base." Ravens fans have been told over & over for years now that their FO drafts exceptionally well & is (collectively) a top-notch judge of talent & handles the cap superbly to assemble year-in & year-out a roster with significantly better talent than the league average. A team with better than average talent ought to be winning more often than not, and ought to be competitive in the playoffs on a regular basis. That's being logical, not spoiled.

Now if you want to argue that the talent is in fact not there, go right ahead. I haven't been terribly happy with the last few drafts & some of the personnel decisions that have been made & I am starting to wonder if it isn't time for Bama to ease Mal Moore into retirement so that Oz can hand things over to deCosta & take over as their AD. But if you have no quibbles with the abilities of the guys on the roster, then you have to look elsewhere for the mostly uninspiring performace of the team this year, & my money is on the "lions led by donkeys" conjecture.