If you're John Harbaugh, you kneel out the clock. With 32 seconds left in the half and all 3 timeouts, having just given up a FG to the Steelers and kicking the ball away out of the break, Harbaugh refused to let his offense try to score. While we're talking about coaching failures, let's talk about this one that seems to have gone unnoticed. Sure, the Ravens offense wasn't lighting the world on fire, but you don't even TRY? You don't even hand the ball off to Ray Rice and see if he can break a big one? If he does, you call a timeout and see if you can put something together. If not, no big deal!

Contrast Harbaugh's complete lack of gumption with Andy Reid and the Eagles starting a ROOKIE vs. Dallas last week. 41 seconds, all 3 timeouts, they drove 58 yards and kicked a FG. Flacco might not be elite, he might not even be very good, but he's no raw rookie! Andy Reid knows his time is over, so he's coaching with nothing to lose. He might not be winning but at least he's trying.

Or contrast that with the Giants last night. 41 seconds, all 3 timeouts, 54 yards and a FG. Yeah, Eli Manning and the Giants offense is pretty good, but they too were playing a critical division game with a lot of implications, AND they were on the road.

Just another coaching failure to hang around Harbaugh's neck.