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I don't know, the type of runner that Morris is scares the crap out of me. The way that he never goes down and always finds ways to make positive yardage seems all to familiar...

But on the flip side, their pass defense is trash, and just got worse over the past week. Not that I have a lot of confidence in Cam Cameron, but I think that we can tee off on it and keep pace. Should be one of those 2012 style games that we haven't seen here in months!
It's more about how to contain RGIII in my eyes. The Skins )for the most part) scored on drives when he had a big plays from him. The Ends came crashing down in order to stop the RB and left RGIII free to run around them.

Watching the amount of football I do Pros and college. The way to stop the read option is to not get too aggressive If you crash down on the RB the QB takes off around you, if you go after the QB (right away) he hands off up the middle.

I think a non-aggressive approach (not a conservative approach) should be good for this game, the offense, don't get me started on what I expect for that :D