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Fair enough.

But I still reside on the side that our offense has been a mess and it is the head coaches job to fix it, and his failings to do so must fall on him as much as Cam.
I don't disagree with that, only the suggestion that Sunday's loss to a team fighting for their playoff lives while the Ravens had truly nothing to gain means anything. As for the Harbaugh / Cam thing (sorry for repeating myself but....) here's what I wrote in the "Fire Cam" thread...

When Cameron was in San Diego it seemed that he used only the middle of the field, never the edges. Now in Baltimore it seems that he only uses the edges and never the middle.

When push comes to shove (the Chargers and Browns games come to mind) we've seen the Ravens use the middle of the field and do it successfully. That suggests to me that not only are those plays in the playbook but also that they work on them.

Cam calls the plays but Harbaugh dictates the philosophy. As fans clamor for Cam's ouster and Harbaugh continues to "protect" him, at what point might we guess that Cam's plays are a result of Harbaugh's philosophy? If Harbaugh doesn't see the need to "fix" it, what does that say about his culpability in the issues that we naturally associate with Cam?

A new coordinator charged with the same brand of conservatism would likely get the same result...right?