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I doubt that winning a super bowl will erase the doubts that we have of our head coach. Our head coach has explicitly stated that he needed to participate on the offense team meetings, shouldn't the head coach be doing that when an offense has been struggling.


I happened to agree with one of the posters that Harbaugh perceivably prefer to start veterans. He would start an unproven player over a veteran seemingly if that veteran is in some sort of "doghouse". Even our owner said that we needed to get more out of our younger players rather than waiting until the end of the players' rookie contracts.

I appreciated that he has done for our football team. He has stabilized the ship, but sports is a "what have you done for me lately" world. I would be okay with him if he was inherited a mediocre football team, he wasn't (minus the qb position). Additionally, we drafted and picked up talents to fit into our system. As much for his accomplishments, it still hasn't gotten us to the Super Bowl, let alone winning one.

Like many of us, I am not satisfied with the "more of the same" mentality especially in an evolving league. Let's get over that hump.
Dont take this the wrong way but if it doesn't your a damn fool. Why is every one bitching and moaning about Harbaugh right now? Because people don't think he can lead us to a Superbowl. You mean to tell me if he actually does go on and win the Superbowl, the ultimate prize in football people will still question whether he can get there. That makes no fucking sense at all. Sorry.