Coach Harbs was quoted after the game last night as saying that this loss does not define who we are. Well, coach, I beg to disagree! On display last night were the following: Poor Tackling; Lack of DISCIPLINE (something I have been harping on all season); Lack of any meaningful pass rush - Batch should have been running for his life back there, given Pittsburgh's makeshift offensive line; Vanilla offensive schemes, and UnderUtilizing the one guy on this Offense who truly plays 'like a Raven', and has the heart of a champion, Mr. Ray Rice; poor pass coverage in the middle of the field, along with POOR communication among the secondary (which, at this point in the season, is totally Inexcusable); the team's inability to close a game out - up 13-3 at halftime, and allowing the Steelers to march from their own 15 at the end of the game to score the winning field goal; oh, and did I forget, poor tackling...oh yea, I did mention that.

Anyway, you get the point. I believe the loss last night does define who this team is - the aforementioned flaws have been on display all year, and, for some reason, the Ravens probably won several more games than they really deserved to. "Play Like a Raven", and "53 Mighty Men" just does not cut it with me anymore. Yes, we are 9-3 and most likely headed to the playoffs, which is what it is all about. But being objective in my criticism is a right I have as a season ticket holder. Allowing your arch rival to come into Your House, with all of their injuries, and take home a W, is, imho, akin to (fill in the blanks).