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I just don't understand why Boldin is the only guy who really gets looks over the middle of the field.

Why is it that JAcoby and Torrey (for the most part) only are running 9's? Last I checked, they are two of the fastest guys on the squad...seems to me that Jacoby in the middle of the field with the ball in his hands could be pretty lethal for opposing D's...
Risk avoidance. Throw the ball over the middle & unless it's caught (or knocked down by the receiver acting as a DB) it's liable to be picked or tipped & then picked. Throw it to the sidelines & if it's done right there's minimal risk of an INT off a tip (though we saw one vs Joe a couple of games ago--great play by the DB IIRC). Throw it deep & even if it's picked the result is generally no worse than a punt.

Q has a reputation for money hands & the ability to outmuscle DBs for position & for the ball; therefore he is considered the safest option across the middle. Pitta is the second safest. They don't trust Torrey or Jacoby to catch & secure the ball in traffic.