Cam's Offense...

1) QB to be very accurate on the deep ball. Nearly everyone will be a tight window b/c they throw it deep so often that it never surprises the opposing defense. Also, never any stop and go/double move routes... just 9 routes (fly)
2) QB needs to throw a lot of sideline out routes which good arm strength helps
3) QB will need to throw into very tight windows to slot receiver who gets little or no separation, b/c of no rubs or crossing routes
4) Because of longer developing routes, QB will need to be aware of potential pass rush. In Ravens case, ok protection at home, mediocre on the road.
5) Defenses typically play press man, and b/c there are few crossing routes, Middle of field is underutilized. Middle of field are risky passes due to lack of receiver separation.
6) QB does have a dynamite receiving option out of the backfield

Now just for shits and giggles swap out Joe for other NFL QBs in the Cam Offense. Who would be better?

ARod ---- No Doubt.
Big Ben --- Yea. Probably more accurate on the deep ball than Joe. Strong arm for the out routes. And his escapability would definitely help
Cutler --- Maybe... I'd think he'd have more TDs than Joe but a lot more INTs
Eli --- Probably but not much better
Schaub --- On Par.. All those out routes would be tough. Deep ball probably not as good as Joe. But I think Matt would utilize Rice better than Joe
Rivers --- Probably same as Joe. Probably a few more INTs so I'd stick with Joe
Luck --- Too early to decide but he has ARod tools so I'd go with the potential andd pedigree....Risky though
MattyIce -- Nah... Just dont see him being better in the Cam offense over Joe.

Anybody else? Romo --- Nah. Freeman --- Just dont see it. No way with Dalton. RG3 would not fit in the Cam offense

I didnt bring up the trinity of Manning/Brady/Brees. We all know that they would never run the Cam Offense. They would create their own offensive scheme. But that's not my question. Could Brady be that much better than Joe if Cam is still running the show? I really dont think Brady has the deep ball. Manning either. Brees out of those three would probably do the best.

I've seen some fans say that the Ravens should save money on Joe's contract and target Alex Smith. I think that would be a disaster b/c Smith has none of traits necessary for Cam's offense. He only did well in that dink and dunk offense in SF who have a great OL.

Is Joe the best QB... hell no. Yea and he sucked yesterday. But given what is required for a QB in the Cam system, the Ravens could have a lot worst than Joe.