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    Re: So who do we root for these next few weeks?

    Quote Originally Posted by Cj34 View Post
    As it stands right now - the Patriots have regained the tiebreaker because it is a three way tie. In all honesty it still comes down to the Denver game but right now New England has the 2 seed, Baltimore 3 seed (because conf record is 8-2 and Denver is 6-2) and Denver 4 seed.
    Oh, sorry, I misunderstood you--I got your point confused with the folks who (before last night) had been speculating on the #1 seed if the Ravens finished tied with NE and HOU.

    Of course you are correct right now, but as you point out the Ravens still have to play Denver, which will probably upset the balance. (Among other things, if the Crows beat the Nags :crosses fingers: they'd own the head-to-head on both them & NE, which would settle any 3-way tie instantamundo.)

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    Re: So who do we root for these next few weeks?

    who cares??????????
    we wont beat a playoff team on the road, and we wont get the #2 seed...i really hope Oz hits on OL and DL in the draft


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