If ONE coach from Head Coach to OC, DC, LB, OL, DL, LB, and ETC ETC ETC.

Says we did not execute is full of SHIT!! They all got WHOOPED from top to bottom. WR routes PITIFUL. OL, Lookd like TURTLES. LB's standing in the same spot for over 10 seconds.

Charlie Batch was cooking steak and serving LOBSTER in the pocket.

All you FANS that want to make excuses for players not making plays and do NOT hold the COACHING staff accountable FIND another TEAM to root for!!

COACHES LOST this game. They sucked from top to bottom. John, CAM, Dean, LB, OL, DL, LB, all of them!!!

All you Flacco haters. He had a rating over a 100 for a reason at home. How many times did we run a no huddle/sugar huddle tonight???? 1 fucking time!!!!

How manyh touches did Ray Rice have?

Oh last but not least how in gods fucking name did LEECH get passes thrown to him? ( the most ever in the NFL ) Including an atempt 30+ down the field????

Vonta picked up and smashed HOT DOG fat ass Hampton and planted him at one point. But he is runnig down the field 30+ yards to try?!?!? WHAT? Flacco gets sacked beacuse the OL was a like a slotted SPOON.

Really the coaching staff needs to look in the mirror and JUDGE themselves or Ozzie and Biscuit needs to. THEY ALL SUCKED TONIGHT!!!

Stop blaming players for the faults!!!!

Are record is only as good as it is because of PLAYERS playing OUT of their MINDS!!!!!!

So sick of the HORSESHIT!!!

BISCUIT it is time to step up and lay the LAW. EVERYONE is ACCOUNTABLE!!!! PLAYERS, COACHES, and dont you dare you say fans because most of us see it BUT YOU DONT!!!!!