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    Mr Bisciotti, wont be getting any more of money. You need to make changes.

    I been paying hard earned money to see these guys play for the past few years like everybody else;however, there comes a time when you got to pull back from a bad product and this year its been a bad bad product. Where do you start: Well, the Ravens have lucked out most of this year. The head coach is not that bad but isn't the brightest bulb in the NFL. Evidence : things like that stupid challenge which made the Ravens run out of time-outs. Oh, and why does Mr Bisciotti and crew keep this IDIOT Cam-the Sham! around??? Evidence:Hey Cam , ummmm can you think up more routes for our receivers to run then a deep ball to Torry Smith? I mean I know it works sometime but almost every time???? Can you do any better?? I see why you were fired after a year in Miami. Ray rice didn't touch the ball much ether. You need to go may man!!!

    Hey Flacco! you are about on your last leg dude;that was a pathetic performance and it was at home ,and its been going on almost all year .... whats with all the high passes and holding the ball to long .... Your getting worse!!!! and whats with Mr Oher? Does he have any muscle in his arms .... looks very bad! Your pathetic too! along with that old man Mr Birk. Ohhhhh, and that's an NFL secondary??? You just let a third string Steeler QuarterBack beat you and on top of that you made him look like Tom Brady ..... unexcusable!!! for all the money you guys get paid to play a game!!! Hey Pollard WTF??? the Steelers made you look like a Punk my man ..... anyway just wanted to rant.

    Mr Biscotti again, you wont be getting any more of my hard money until you put out a better product, and I don't want to hear all the BS about how the Ravens been in the playoffs the past few years. This is "here and now" and you cant keep living off the past;this group is over-rated (average this year at best.) You need to make some big changes, mainly in the coaching staff. The days of Ray Lewis and Ed Reed are gone!
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