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Seems like your contradicting your self blaming everyone around Flacco, like none of it is his fault. Flacco shares a large portion of the blame no matter what anyone says, yes the scheme sucks, but you put him in a Sean Payton system, and a lot of those throws are still off target, and he has next to zero pocket poise like Brees. I think Flacco would ultimately look better in a more QB friendly system, but I'm not sure if he'd still be as good as Drew Brees or Aaron Rogers. Flacco takes way too many sacks that he doesn't need to take.
Much like how you compare him to Schaub, why does he have to be Rogers or Brees? Schaub is leading his team to an outstanding record and one of the better all around teams in the league. He doesnt have to be elite to be a winning QB and get us to the superbowl. In a better system hed be closer to those elites than "average" or slightly above, that his stats are saying. His ability is better than his stats and thats typically the damning factor for an OC. Theres no question Cam has done less with more than some other teams and there inlies the problem. Much like Ravenous1 said above, judging any of our talent based on their performances in this offense will be skewed.