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    Re: What the hell just happened?

    I threw up in my mouth a few times watching this horrid effort. We got away with one when Ngata nailed Batch without a flag and got caught with Kruger. Officiating was suspect as usual anymore. How do you call a sack on Flacco before he even hits the ground? Seriously what is the rule? Can someone please explain? Was the call challengable? Why not harbaugh challenges everything else. Whoever is whispering in his ear to throw the red flag needs to shut the fuck up.

    Average Joe..............what else can i say? yeah there were a few that should have been caught but there were just as many that never should have been thrown. Defense gave this away and offense was a non factor in the second half.

    Prime opportunity to seal the deal and Baltimore shits the bed.

    We have had such horrible luck with QB's that Joe makes everyone we had before look like pee-wee league. Problem is he doesn't step up when needed.

    On to the next.

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    Re: What the hell just happened?

    Quote Originally Posted by wickedsolo View Post
    I disagree with that GOTA. Flacco may not be Ray Lewis, but who is? Flacco isnt dogging guys on the sideline and shoving his linemen when he gets sacked like Cutler does.

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    The worrying issue with Joe is he doesn't pump his team up, you even see Matt Ryan do that with his offense. I would like to see more energy out of Flacco.

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    Re: What the hell just happened?

    Joe is a good QB, but not a great QB, and after 5 years, he probably will not get significantly better. He is good enough to be part of an SB team, but not good enough to carry a team into the SB. The FO must get Joe a better OL, because Joe lacks pocket presence. (I recant if we learn that Joe played hurt)

    And the D must get a lot better, because
    1) it it inexcusable to lose a key game against a team playing its 3rd string QB, a 2nd string C, a C at G, and who DID play RT?
    2) we need a D we can depend on (again) because can not depend on Joe to win a shootout

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    Re: What the hell just happened?

    Quote Originally Posted by PerpetuallyBored74 View Post
    For our team to show up for the 2nd half
    Honestly, the difference in this game tonight was that their D held us on our last possession and our D could not hold them on their last possession. So for the "fire Cam", "Jos sucks" bs it came down to defense.
    "Screw it, let's ride"!

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    Re: What the hell just happened?

    If you want a better QB find someone else. I think Joe will not improve. Today he over threw, under threw, should have been picked off more, held onto the ball too long and didn't run when it was obvious that he could. Torrey repeatedly had to slow down for him. Of course you have the dropped balls and bad play calling. My point is I don't think Joe is going to get better. I hope I'm wrong. But with a new contract looming Ozzie has to decide soon. In answer to the thread question:
    1/ Joe did not happened. Or maybe he did!
    2/ The defense did not happen against a wore out 3rd string QB that hadn't thrown a TD pass in how long?

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    Re: What the hell just happened?

    Whta just happened? We got exposed. We're a mediocre team with alot of injuries and the backups shouldn't even be in the NFL. A 3rd string QB who need a fucking wheelchair to gimp his ass on the field and a patchwork OL completely sit on our pathtic defense. Kruger is garbage, CWill is garbage, our pass rush is garbage. Cody got one good play and wanted to jerk off over it and didn't do adamn thing the rest of the night. Boldin dropped everything that hit him in the hands. Joe couldn't hit the broadside of a barn with his garbage passes and we used Pierce waaaaayyyyyy more than we should've.

    Dunno, that was the most pathetic excuse for a game I've seen them play in a long time. It's like they really believed the media when they said this game didn't matter to us.


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