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It's truly amazing to me that a bunch of guys (fans) on the internet can go out and research these numbers, film, etc. and lay out factual proof that what Cam is doing (rather attempting to do) completely goes against the grain of our players' talent and skills, not to mention the high risk low percentage results that come with what he's trying to do.

Couple that with your best offensive play maker being forgotten about from time to time and a struggling (and injured) defense that you want to keep off the field as much as possible.

How in the hell can a bunch of arm chair QBs see and understand what's wrong, but the people getting paid big bucks to figure this stuff out and implement corrections can't?

Earlier today Davis & Norris had Keion Carpenter on for an interview and were asking him about what he thought about what is taking place here.
As a former NFL DB he said playing against this offense is by far the easiest to defend.
Very predictable with no deception.
Easy to play off the line because the film shows you everything including tendencies which in his eyes we have way too many that occur continually with little wavering.
He said that if he can see it just by watching some Ravens games here and there when he gets them on TV down in Atlanta, then he damn sure knows every coach and player having to game plan against them sees it.

Pretty unreal, huh?

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