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Thread: Fire cam

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    Re: Petition to fire Cam Cameron

    Quote Originally Posted by Brtnder81 View Post
    yea because teams will get real far listening to their fan base on personel moves. maybe the browns or redskins might act on a fans petition but not a quality ran team like the ravens
    Over the years with Cam, the browns and redskins have the same amount of Super Bowls as the Ravens.. I don't want to settle for anything else at this point but rings! He's not the answer!

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    Re: Petition to fire Cam Cameron

    I'm sorry, but as much as I want Cam gone, a petition is a ridiculous idea that makes Ravens fans as a whole seem idiotic.

    I'm sure Biscuit, Ozzie etc are all aware of what the fans think (although not all, obviously), but as high quality executives, will never allow public opinion to colour their actions for the good of the organisation.

    Unfortunately, the general public as a whole are usually fools- look at Pop Factor or whatever is is garnering attention these days for Exhibit A...
    I told everyone that if I went to Pittsburgh I would have to throw up on my jersey every time I played, - Double J will always be a Raven

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    Re: Petition to fire Cam Cameron

    Umm... Oh brother.. I want CAM gone as much as the next person. But COM'ON MAN!


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    Re: Petition to fire Cam Cameron

    Giant face palm!!!

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    Re: Petition to fire Cam Cameron

    this will have as much affect on CC's job as "Just Say No" had on teen pregnancy.

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    Re: Petition to fire Cam Cameron

    You mean it will INCREASE HIS ODDS of keeping his job?!?!
    My motto was always to keep swinging. Whether I was in a slump or feeling badly or having trouble off the field, the only thing to do was keep swinging. -Hank Aaron

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    Re: Petition to fire Cam Cameron

    Cam isn't going anywhere. He'll be our offensive coordinator until he decides to retire or take some other job. Either way, he'll leave on his terms. I've always thought that he was the problem, but I'm starting to think that Flacco might be a large part of it now.

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    Why is a newbie doing this? Troll?

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    Re: Fire cam

    Quote Originally Posted by The Fanatic View Post
    Alot of interesting comments and points on this thread.

    Guess I'll add my .02.

    All this talk about the short comings of Flaccos ability to make certain throws, holding the ball too long, not being able to read defenses and find the open man, no pocket presence, no mobility, etc., etc. etc.
    We've all seen it on various threads every week over the past 5 years.

    All this talk about Cams offense being outdated, not enough routes and route combinations, receivers unable to get separation, no throws over the middle, no seam routes, no crossing routes or misdirection, curl or come back routes, etc. etc., etc.

    Nothing but 9 and fly routes outside the hash marks with the occasional check down to Rice, etc.

    Watch This

    Excerpted to not spam.

    Loved this. Thank you.

    Here's another guy that doesn't succeed in our system....

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    Re: Fire cam

    It is probably time for Harbaugh to go - he doesn't seem to realize Cam is a problem.

    Don't know your X's and O's - time to go.

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    Re: Fire cam

    Cam has had

    Brees for four (4) years, and
    Rivers for one (1) year, and
    Flacco for five (5) years, and


    What more do you need to know about the guy. Brees and Rivers are the lucky ones - he's only a distant nightmare in their dreams. However, he's like Joe's Freddy Kruger!

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    Re: Fire cam

    Get him out of here! One he was out of the picture Brees and Rivers both exploded! We need a new scheme! To many weapons to look as poor as we do on offense. Does cam know what crossing routes are or even how to use the middle of the field? I've had enough. We will never get a Super Bowl with him at OC, we are just too predictable with him running the offense.

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