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    Re: What do we offer kruger?

    It was- the ball was long gone. Just like when he did it against the Browns at home.

    Maybe an element of holding in it though.

    But overall I agree with you on the refs. They were atrocious
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    Re: What do we offer kruger?

    I still believe it was pretty tick-tacky. I've seen Flacco get hit a lot worse than that.

    To answer the original thread though, I'd pay Ellerbe before Kruger. I think not having him today was a pretty big loss actually especially with how the middle of the field was so wide open.

    Kruger has been pretty effective, but I think he really benefits from Suggs and is solely a pass rush specialist. I think some team will overpay for him next season.

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    Re: What do we offer kruger?

    Offer him a fucking plane ticket to Indianapolis with his diving board sticking out of his back.

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    Re: What do we offer kruger?

    Quote Originally Posted by BmoreBrawla View Post
    Nothing, Kruger sucks.
    THIS. To the clowns who made a thread smoking his pole, this is wat he does against even a mediocre OL. Sure a situational pass rusher against a scrub line, but even a mediocre one and he can't beat one on one.

    Bye loser.


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