The upcoming schedule offers some formidable, but not unbeatable, teams:

Week 13: Steelers
Week 14: Redskins
Week 15: Broncos
Week 16: Giants
Week 17: Bengals
The Ravens could run the table, or they could drop a couple - we don't know. What we certainly do know is that this team a) is really good at home and b) not quite as good on the road to put it lightly. So if this winning criterion applies, suddenly the games look better with this added facet:

Week 13 (0 miles):   Steelers
Week 14 (40 miles):  Redskins
Week 15 (0 miles):   Broncos
Week 16 (0 miles):   Giants
Week 17 (500 miles): Bengals
I don't know how often an NFL team can travel a mere 40 miles over four games. The Ravens can basically park their butts at home for the next month. I also think division road games fall outside of our normal travel-induced stupor. If you consider the three division road games last year and the two we've played this year, we've been able to win them all and while they're obviously not as good as the home equivalents, they're not on the level of the JAX, SEA, HOU, SD no-shows.

It could hold even bigger implications if the Ravens are able to secure a #1 or #2 seed - then you'd be talking about one actual plane/bus trip in the span of about six weeks giving the players a chance to rest and recharge their batteries during the season's must critical point.