The crime of passion meme has been disproven by criminologists and is now considered a mere extension of a number of personality disorders, including being a sociopath.

And I could care less what the reason is behind it. He's a murderer who killed the mother if his children in front of his own mother then purposely placed his other "family" in harms way (both physically and emotionally) by driving to the Chiefs facility and shooting himself in front of people he supposedly cared about.

Had he cared about his family, the murder would have never took place. Had he cared about his team, he wouldn't have sought out Crenel or Pioli and blew his brains out in their presence.

It's the height of selfishness, worthy of the level of caring he showed other people -- none.

My caring goes to the daughter. I pray she's young enough that she won't have a memory of his selfish and uncaring acts that he perpetrated in front of her.