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    Re: Interesting Playoff Prediction Site

    Quote Originally Posted by ed from Bel Air View Post
    Pittsburgh a 50% playoff team seems generous, even with the favorable schedule after tomorrow. I do not think Ben will be the same the rest of this year.
    They actually have a decent shot but it all depends on that CIN @ PIT game (where Ben will most likely be back). If PIT wins that game they'd be the wildcard even with a loss tomorrow and another loss thrown in for good measure (both teams could be at 9-7 - I assumed we'd beat CIN in the last game). Even if Ben's not 100% they've got SD, DAL, CIN, CLE so it's not exactly murderer's row.

    It's for this reason that I'm pulling for CIN tomorrow even though it would be nice to pop some champagne in the locker room.

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    Re: Interesting Playoff Prediction Site

    Quote Originally Posted by leachisabeast View Post
    If we win our next three games, and the Patriots lose to Houston, we seal the number 2 seed, and will have to hope that the Texans would lose their final two while we beat the Giants and Cincy in our final two, that seems highly unlikely. It really makes the Giants game not as important if the Texans beat the Pats, because we could then afford to lose our next two games and still have the number 2 seed (since the Giants are an NFC team). The only thing to play for is the umber 1 seed preying for two unlikely losses for the Texans.
    It'll be interesting what Harbaugh would do if that last game of the season shapes up to be meaningless. Personally, I'd play the starters for at least a half if they had a bye week anyways. I think the numbers show there's no benefit one way or the other either completely resting or "playing to keep from being rusty". I'd like our players healthy...but I'd also like to keep that consecutive division win streak going ;).


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