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The Steelers are still the Steelers no matter who is playing. It's the duty of every Ravens fans to hate them and let hate pour out during the game. This should be a statement by the team and the fans.
This. They're wounded and desperate. They don't want to be looking up at the Bengals at the end of the year, and losing this game makes that much more likely regardless of the outcome of the Bengals game against the Chargers.

They still have a very good defense, and three strong running backs. They have the ability to make the game ugly, especially if the Ravens come in flat because the Steelers are struggling. I don't think Harbaugh or Suggs is going to allow that to happen, but the risk isn't zero.

The fans can help. We should look at this game as a chance to take ownership of the division. The goal needs to be a two-year sweep of the division and back-to-back titles, and right now the Steelers are the team in the way of that goal. If the fans are roaring, and I think they will be (I, alas, will not be able to make the game at The Vault), that will help fire up the team.