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    Re: Dean Pees is starting to grow on me.

    Quote Originally Posted by ActualSpamBot View Post
    In the last month, we've had the stingiest D in the league. That's not mediocre.
    4 games a season doesn't make.

    Pees is coaching up to his resume, and his lack of strategy allowed a career bench warmer to look like Brady.

    To expect otherwise is fantasy.

    Same reason for the loss to Philly; gave Vick all day. Charlie Batch? Really?

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    Re: Dean Pees is starting to grow on me.

    Here's me:

    Saturday: "Gee that Dean Pees is really starting to show us that he really knows--"

    Sunday: *stares in disbelief as Batch picks apart the Ravens D*

    Monday: "Um, nevermind. Say, who's available as a potential defensive coordinator for 2013?"

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    Re: Dean Pees is starting to grow on me.

    Quote Originally Posted by lobachevsky View Post
    I think you misunderstand me, 'beast.

    Harbaugh's philosophy is not "conservative," it's risk-averse.

    Bomb-throwing is not conservative play, but while you don't complete a lot of those attempts, it is also low risk--if a long pass is picked it's generally no worse than a punt. Sideline patterns are low risk so long as the QB doesn't lock onto the receiver & gets the ball there fast (so that the DB can't jump the route) or puts it where only the receiver can get to it (& a tipped ball falls out of bounds).

    The real high-risk pass patterns are over the middle, where a ball that isn't caught cleanly is highly likely to result in a turnover. And that is precisely where this offense fears to tread. When you watched Q beg Cam for the ball over the middle, you could almost see the wheels going around in his head: Is the situation dire enough that I can call slants & not get reamed out by Harbaugh for it if we come up short?

    The Ravens are +12 in turnovers, which is tied for 4th-5th in the league (with WAS) and second in the AFC (to NE at a preposterous +24). But it isn't a function of (e.g.) Ed Reed running wild in the secondary. They've given the ball away only 9 times in 11 games. That's second in the league (again to NE with 8). Flacco's thrown more than one INT in just one game (HOU) and the offense has yet to lose a fumble. Hang onto the ball, don't take chances...

    If you drop this sort of philosophy on your offense like a weighted net, is it any wonder it doesn't go much of anywhere no matter how hard it thrashes?

    And it permeates the team. Pees rarely "brings the house" & his DBs don't play press for fear of giving up the big play. Bend-don't-break = make the opposing offense snap the ball often enough & they will probably make mistakes & give the ball back by turnover or punt & if not they can probably be held to 3 points. Above all don't take chances.

    But hey, 9-2 baby, so it ain't changing any time soon--no matter who's OC or DC.
    Can't disagree with any of this.


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