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I can understand a drop here and there, but man...this offense goes through droughts of drops and there have been drops that have ended games or severely impacted games for us.
Yeah. There are drops and then there are drops. Just like some INT's are worse than others. A deep bomb on 3rd down from your own 40 that gets picked off on the opponent's 20 and the DB gets dropped short of the 25 isn't bad. Throwing a pick in the red zone is.

Boldin has dropped some critical passes lately, and he's not the only one. Doss dropped a catchable ball against Pitt that would have been a first down, IIRC. Jones and Smith both had drops on critical plays. Part of it I blame on the playcalling: we're not seeing the offense develop a rhythm. We're either seeing out routes, curls, or 9's down the sideline. Rarely are we seeing short crossing routes, slants, or posts into the holes in the defense. Either no one ever plays zone against the Ravens, or the Ravens just suck at finding the gaps in zones that every other team in the NFL seems to manage to find.