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Look at Joe in 2010. He had a very good year with 25 TD/10 INT and a QBR in the low 90s. 4 of the 5 receivers that he used most that year (Stallworth, Mason, Housh, Heap) are out of the league, so I think it's a safe assessment that his progress was genuine and not a byproduct of having extreme talent around him.

That was the Jim Zorn year though, where he had a buffer between him and our idiot O.C. I think a lot of our expectations were based on that year, where Joe was given a support structure more similar to what is given to other teams. Since Zorn was ridiculously fired, Joe has played okay, but is definitely more similar to a middle-of-the-pack QB than a top 6-8 guy.

When you look at it in this llight, it does make you wonder how much of his lack of progress you can really blame on him. We have tried to draft pieces to help him, yet haven't given him the one thing that any QB needs to grow...competent coaching. What does it say about Harbaugh that Flacco showed such solid progress between year #2 and #3 and then his position coach is fired? I guess that should have been the precursor to the fact that merit is not a factor in coaching evaluations within the organization.
Completely agree with everything here. But another thing that changed after 2010 is that Joe is being asked or allowed to throw it a lot more. He had 53 more attempts in 2011 over 2010 (489 to 542, an increase of 10.8%) and only had 6 more completions to show for them (and 5 less TDs and 2 more INTs).

We played better defenses overall in 2011 so that could be part of it along with Zorn getting fired as you said, but I think the going pass happy (relatively) might have been by design to see if it could be handled. Obviously with Cameron, no Zorn, different supporting cast, tougher defenses, it didn't pan out.

And this year he is on pace for a further increase to 568 attempts. I have no idea why we are throwing so much more, but it could be to evaluate Flacco before the big contract committment. But as you and others have mentioned, the coaching may (probably does) prevent any fair assessment of his abilities. Simply passing more in a flawed scheme is not a good test. In this case it has lead to more incompletions (lower completion percentage) and therefore a lower QBR, but what does that really tell us considering our scheme/coaching?