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Torrey Smith was open at least 4 times downfield. One he dropped, three or more he had to turn into a DB to save Flacco an INT. He also was open when Flacco sailed one over his head allowing the defender to undercut his legs and make him land on his shoulder (one of several back foot floaters in the game).

As certain as there will be criticism of Flacco after a loss (because we rarely if ever lose when he plays remotely well, unlike a lot of other QBs in the league), there will be someone insinuating that if not for "drops" (always exaggerated and also something that occurs across the league), Flacco would have looked great.

Not many people are saying the defense played well. They didn't. But the "defense" isn't up for a potentially crippling contract after the season. There is not wide-ranging disagreement regarding the quality of the "defense." The defense, while worse than normal this year, is not an enigma.

Almost everyone realizes that the defense could have won the game with better play. But a lot of people are resistant to admitting that Flacco could have won the game with better play. Hence the heated discussions.

The QB = magnified. Inconsistent, puzzling QB (performances) = more magnified. Said QB entering FA = epic magnification.
It's always "tit for tat" with you. The fact that Smith was open on one play doesn't mitigate his dropping a ball on another play; football games aren't like equations that have to balance themselves out. I'm not disputing that Flacco had a bad game, I'm only pointing out the magnitude of response is vastly different between Flacco and everyone else.

And yeah, there's no doubt that Flacco is due for more criticism as a result of his being the QB and an impending FA, but there is literally NO discussion OTHER THAN Flacco and the offense occurring at this time, and the defense has at least one big name player set to hit FA who had a very uneven night last night--Ed Reed.

And in closing, you are very prone to strawman arguments. There is literally NO ONE HERE "resistant to admitting that Flacco could have won the game with better play." If he hit on one of those deep balls he missed the game could have been very different. But again, football games aren't really played like that. If Torrey Smith catches the sure TD Flacco might not have NEEDED to play better... and vice-versa, ad infinitum...